Ugg, Australian Ugg, UGG Australia

The original birthplace of ugg boots is disputed, since Australia and New Zealand have both claimed to be the origins of ugg style boots. Anyway, the ‘uggs’ I know refer to a certain style of sheepskin boots originally worn by Australian rural area people. Australia still produces high quality ugg boots known as Australian uggs.

Thanks to Hollywood celebrities, uggs have gained tremendous international attention in the last decade. The confusing part came out after the US-based Deckers Outdoor Corporation registered UGG as a trademark. Under the trademark laws, the capital ‘UGG’ can only be used by Deckers Outdoor Cooperation which produces UGG Australia brand ugg boots. When people ask questions about fake or genuine, it’s only related to UGG Australia brand products rather than Australian made uggs.

Branded or not was never my concern. I have several uggs, different colors, red, pink, sand, purple and different styles, tall, short, slippers. I only have one UGG Australia boots, Bailey Button in dusty purple. And before all my uggs are worn out, enough uggs for me. I’ve seen many ugg and UGG shops in CBD in recent years, one shop closes, the other opens. No matter how the name’s written, ugg or UGG, those sheepskin boots remind me of Australia, that’s another thing to keep me warm.

So Close to Nature

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