Essie Merino Cool, I’m Not Alone!!

I bought Essie Merino Cool from Essie’s Fall Collection in 2010 when Essie started drawing inspirations from runways. Among the collection, Merino Cool was described as ‘sensuous autumn mulberry’. It is a nice color, perfect for autumn and winter, formula’s beautiful, dries quickly, but there’s a tiny problem to me that I think the color’s more on the grey side than the purple-grey I was expecting. It was called ‘the muddy color’ by a few friends of mine when they saw me wearing it.

I’ve been searching for something could help me make sure what the color really is, today, I finally found it, haha, it’s been under my nose the whole time. Introducing the COVER of Sophie Kinsella’s Mini Shopaholic. Right, it’s the color of the cover woman’s pants, the exact same degree of grey. The color’s a slightly purplish grey, that’s it. Essie Merino Cool, cool gals are not alone.

Essie and Mini Shopaholic

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