The Romantic Orly Goth

Orly Goth

I don’t know why Orly gives the name ‘Goth’ to this polish, to me, it’s more about a romantic starry night than the dark Gothic cool. I love how deep the black base is, but what I love the most is how random the silver glitter is. It reminds me of the night sky with just bits of stars. The formula is smooth, two coats to be opaque. After a-year-round popularity of glitter polishes, this classic bottle with its silver micro-glitter is still my top choice for Halloween nails:).

OPI Silver Shatter over Orly Goth

Goth Shatter

My third try on Silver Shatter, I still don’t think it shatters/cracks enough. I’ve tried with thinner layers, but not so satisfied with the result. Anyway, here’s the picture, 1 coat Cutex Topcoat, 1 coat OPI Silver Shatter, 3 coats Orly Goth.

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