Happy Holiday Part IV: Holly Green

Zoya Gems and Jewels Collection Holiday 2011:

Zoya Holly

My Holly Grail green polish!! It’s a true emerald green with a metallic look. Fabulous formula, great coverage, two coats to opacity.

Rina, Twila, Kissy over Holly

From pointer to ring finger are: Rina, Twila, and Kissy. I love the Rina-Holly combination the most :).

Rest of the Gems & Jewels Collection (except Noel and Izzy):

Zoya Rina

Rina has tons of green glitter and green, blue bar glitter. It looks like pine needles in a bottle, only more magical looking.

Zoya Twila

I love this shade of blue, a little icy, a little oceanic. Twila has a blue glitter base packed with holo bar glitter that mostly looks blue and green.

Zoya Kissy

Kissy yells ‘happy holiday’ to me! I love this unique glitter- a combination of pink, purple, red, silver glitter and holo bar glitter. Looking at the glitter alone makes me smile :).

Overall, this collection was the only holiday collection that I’ve been expecting this year, and I’m very happy with it. The formula on these is fabulous,too. I love Holly and Kissy the most. The glitter ones can be worn alone, but I prefer wearing them over the matching base colour. A very sparkling collection for the holiday season.

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