A Pair of Orange

Hi, everyone!! How do you guys enjoy the orange rush? I was really glad to see some colour on the fall/winter runway as it’s usually occupied by dark shades. We’ve already got rosy pink, orange, and with electric blue, red and many others to come. I do enjoy the orange trend on fall runways: as vampy and dark as Givenchy’s orange and black combo; as luxury as Emilio Pucci’s orange fur coat; as chic as Giorgio Armani’s orange sequinned blazer, etc. Writing runway fashion is exciting, it’s like entering a museum of amazingness, creativity and inspiration.

Ok, enough with the orange rush, please allow me to introduce a pair of orange–Dolce and Gabbana open-toed patent leather pumps with ankle straps, yes, I know they’re not new season, I bought them last year and never worn them (guilty as charged). They actually are very sexy shoes, I’ll soon fix an outfit to pair with them :).

Dolce and Gabbana Orange Pumps

Dolce and Gabbana Orange Pumps

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